Patient Assistance Program now offered for IL, IN & WI

Good news!

You may recall that if you are a myasthenia gravis patient struggling with high medical costs, our Patient Assistance Program may be able to provide some relief. Our program will cover the cost of medical treatment and medication up to $1,000 per year per person, to the extent funds are available.

Several improvements were recently approved for the Conquer MG Patient Assistance Program:

  • Eligibility has been expanded to MG patients who are Wisconsin residents, as well as MG patients who live in Illinois or Indiana.
  • Covered expenses now include durable medical equipment. The program continues to cover medical and hospital charges and prescription medication costs that remain after insurance has paid its portion.
  • The process for reimbursement has been clarified. If you already have paid your portion of your medical bills, you can submit your expenses, and if approved, the reimbursement will be paid directly to you. In the past, payment needed to be made directly to the provider.


Click here for a complete description of the program.

Click here for a copy of the application.

Keep in mind these costs do not need to be directly related to treatment for myasthenia gravis but may be for any medical treatment or prescription drug cost you have incurred.