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Third Thursdays of the month at 2:00 p.m. Central Time

  • Feb 18 – Eating to combat prednisone weight gain – Completed – see video
  • Mar 18 – MG: Navigating the disability benefits maze – Completed – read highlights
  • May 20 – Eating to fine-tune your immune system – see video
  • July 15 – MG Subtypes – see video
  • Sept 16 – Eating to build muscle – even with MG – Postponed
  • Nov 18 – Tell me about autoimmunity – Register now



Eating to build muscle – even with MG

Postponed – watch for 2022 date! 

Speaker: Danka Lekovic, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

If you’ve had myasthenia for a while and your biceps seem smaller, it might not be your imagination. Loss of muscle mass can be caused by extended inactivity, long-term prednisone use, or the aging process…or all of these combined.

In this webinar, Danka Lekovic will explain how muscle fortifies your bones, and plays a role in brain function, balance, and metabolism. She’ll explain which nutrients the body needs to maintain – or even increase – muscle, no matter your age.

Danka Lekovic is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and exercise and nutrition enthusiast who enjoys motivating and supporting individuals on their path toward better health.  Her passion is learning about the effects of food on our health and the environment and putting what she learns into everyday practice.  She has managed a women’s health medical office and is raising four children, 3 of whom have special needs.  It excites Danka to help individuals, including those with neurological and neuromuscular disorders, navigate all stages and aspects of wellness.

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Tell me about autoimmunity

Thursday, Nov 18, 2pm Central

Speaker: Ryan Jacobson, MD, Rush University Medical Center

The immune system defends the body against infections and certain other diseases. It is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins known as antibodies. Sometimes the immune system makes a mistake and attacks the body’s own tissues or organs. … This is called autoimmunity.

Dr. Jacobson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences at Rush Medical College, and is affiliated with Rush University Medical Center.


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Did you miss one? Review completed 2021 webinars

Eating to combat prednisone weight gain

Thursday, February 18, 2pm Central

Speaker: Danka Lekovic, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

One thing leads to another: Prednisone can trigger increased appetite that causes weight gain that leads to less activity. Danka Lekovic will explain nutritional strategies to stop the train and improve your health.

See Ms. Lekovic’s bio above.


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MG: Navigating the disability benefits maze

Thursday, March 18, 2pm Central

Speaker: Mark DeBofsky, Attorney

You’ve received a diagnosis of MG. Now, questions about work and disability benefits may be looming. Mark DeBofsky will discuss the process of applying for disability benefits.

Mr. DeBofsky is a partner with DeBofsky Sherman Casciari Reynolds P.C., as well as an adjunct professor of law at University of Illinois-Chicago John Marshall Law School. In addition to his legal practice, which is focused on representing disabled individuals seeking disability insurance and other benefits, he is a regular columnist for both Law360 and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, an annual contributor to the ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits published by the ABA, and served for many years as a senior editor of Employee Benefits Law published by Bloomberg.


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Eating to fine-tune your immune system

Thursday, May 20, 2pm Central

Speaker: Danka Lekovic, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

To stay healthy, you need an immune system that can attack harmful bacteria and viruses when needed. But if your immune system has been on high alert because of prolonged stress and poor nutrition, it can result in chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases such as myasthenia gravis.

In this webinar, Danka Lekovic will explore food options and other lifestyle choices that can bring the immune system into better balance, and calm that inflammation.

See Ms. Lekovic’s bio above.

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MG Subtypes

Thursday, July 15, 2pm Central

Speaker: David Randall, DO, Advocate Lutheran General

The type of myasthenia gravis you have can depend on the type of antibody found in your blood, your age when symptoms began, and where symptoms of weakness occur. Join us to learn about these and other differences, and how your subtype can determine your best choice for treatment.

David P. Randall, DO, serves as Director of Neuromuscular Neurology for Advocate Medical Group’s Brain & Spine Institute. He practices primarily at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. Dr. Randall is a board-certified clinical neurophysiologist and neurologist, highly skilled in the treatment of neuromuscular diseases and conditions, with a special focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Gullain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, myopathy and peripheral neuropathy.

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