Maria Zepeda – Board Member

Maria joined Conquer MG in 2019 as part of the newly founded Wellness Committee and joined the Conquer MG Board in February 2020. Maria has first hand knowledge of MG having being diagnosed with MuSK MG in April 1998.  Her treatment included a thymectomy, several IVIG infusions, mestinon, prednisone and cellcept.  Unwilling to settle with… Read more »

Julie McCracken – Board Member

Julie joined Conquer MG in 2019.  She suffered from double vision, drooping eyelids and puzzling fatigue for years before she was diagnosed with MG in 2004.  Her treatment started with Mestinon and prednisone, then IVIG every 3 weeks for over a year, multiple plasma phoresis sessions, multiple hospitalizations including 2 visits to ICU, then a… Read more »

Bob Ratzel

Bob knocked on the MG door in Blue Island over 30 years ago while he was getting a flat tire repaired. He knew his aunt had the disorder and wanted to see if they had information to help her. They did, and she was grateful! He self-diagnosed his MG in 2010. He has an MS… Read more »

Edward Rickert – Trustee Emeritus

Ed served on the board for ten years, joining shortly after attending a Conquer MG educational seminar in 2010. His daughter had been diagnosed with MG the previous year. Using information from the event, she found the medical intervention she needed and experienced dramatic and lasting improvement in her health. Retired since 2011, Ed has… Read more »

James Griffith – Trustee Emeritus

Jim has provided faithful support to MG patients through his board service from 2005 to 2010. Retired since 2009, he spent 53 years working in the insurance industry. Now he embraces the MG mission, noting, “I hope someday a cure will be found for this disease.” Jim lives in Roselle with his wife; they have… Read more »