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Conquer Myasthenia Gravis is led by a volunteer board of trustees and supported by a knowledgeable staff.

Board of Trustees

Conquer Myasthenia Gravis trustees all have direct experience with MG. Officers’ terms are two years and members’ terms are one, two or three years. The board meets regularly to direct Conquer MG’s strategy, programs, finances and goals. They are a dedicated and caring group, committed to serving the needs of MG patients. Comments to the board may be directed to:

Bob Rosecrans – Chair

Board of Trustees

Bob joined the Conquer MG Board in June 2014. Diagnosed with MG in 2002, he’s done the roller coaster ride of medications, IVIG therapy, hospitalization and finally a thymectomy. Bob lives in Glen Ellyn and is very grateful to his wife Marlene for her support. He holds a PhD in biochemistry and served as a lab director and educator for pathology residents for NorthShore University HealthSystem’s Department of Pathology.  Currently semi-retired, he works as a laboratory consultant in the Department of Pathology at Northwest Community Healthcare. “I believe in the mission of Conquer MG and want to help and support members of our community."

Tammy Carter – Secretary

Board of Trustees

A native of Munster, Indiana, Tammy balances the roles of wife, mom, foster parent, chauffer, cook, fundraiser and more. She regularly experiences “not enough time in the day” with three children active in band and sports, and knows how MG can complicate the mix. While husband Ernest cheers her on, Tammy is chief cheerleader for the rest of the family and is active in spreading MG awareness. She has served on the Conquer MG board since 2011.

Janeen Freeman – Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Janeen Freeman has proudly attended and raised awareness and donations for the Viking Challenge for MG since 2015 and has served as a Walk volunteer. She is currently a credit manager and has twenty years of experience in accounting and credit. She resides in Itasca with her husband, Kevin.

Julie McCracken

Board of Trustees

Julie joined Conquer MG in 2019.  She suffered from double vision, drooping eyelids and puzzling fatigue for years before she was diagnosed with MG in 2004.  Her treatment started with Mestinon and prednisone, then IVIG every 3 weeks for over a year, multiple plasma phoresis sessions, multiple hospitalizations including 2 visits to ICU, then a year with Imuran that injured her liver and finally CellCept, which reduced her symptoms to manageable after 18 months.  She retired in 2016 (and again in 2018) from over 40 years in property management with the last 16 years as a supervisor for Chicago-based condominium property managers. While not in remission, Julie credits her husband Cliff and a Border Collie for a balanced life.  Conquer MG has provided immeasurable support and resources every time Julie’s neurologist left the area.  MG is not a disease one can manage on one’s own. 

Bob Ratzel

Board of Trustees

Bob knocked on the MG door in Blue Island over 30 years ago while he was getting a flat tire repaired. He knew his aunt had the disorder and wanted to see if they had information to help her. They did, and she was grateful! He self-diagnosed his MG in 2010. He has an MS in psychology and worked at several area associations, including the last 22 years as an executive director. He has served on several boards of directors including chambers of commerce and president of the Oak Lawn United Way. He remains active as a writer and storyteller, an adult education teacher, and investor in equities, bonds and real estate. He re-discovered Conquer MG thru a local garage sale fundraiser and joined the board in 2016 as treasurer.

Maria Zepeda

Board of Trustees

Maria joined Conquer MG in 2019 as part of the newly founded Wellness Committee and joined the Conquer MG Board in February 2020. Maria has first hand knowledge of MG having being diagnosed with MuSK MG in April 1998.  Her treatment included a thymectomy, several IVIG infusions, mestinon, prednisone and cellcept.  Unwilling to settle with merely coping and struggling with MG for many years and not being able to go into remission Maria researched and found other methods to help her in healing.  Today she is doing much better and has become an advocate for empowering patients to take a proactive role in their health.  Maria is now board certified in Health and Wellness coaching and is excited to share her knowledge, help and support members of our community.

Peggy Cashman – Trustee Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Peggy (shown here with husband Jack) wrote the book on MG…literally. She authored The Mystery Guest, MG: A Personal Plan for Dealing with a Chronic Illness which details her journey with MG and provides a plan for dealing with chronic illness. Peggy is a long-time Elmhurst resident, and served on the Conquer MG board for many years. Her knowledge and volunteer spirit make her the perfect MG ambassador.

James Griffith – Trustee Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Jim has provided faithful support to MG patients through his board service from 2005 to 2010. Retired since 2009, he spent 53 years working in the insurance industry. Now he embraces the MG mission, noting, “I hope someday a cure will be found for this disease.” Jim lives in Roselle with his wife; they have a son and daughter-in-law, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Edward Rickert – Trustee Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Ed served on the board for ten years, joining shortly after attending a Conquer MG educational seminar in 2010. His daughter had been diagnosed with MG the previous year. Using information from the event, she found the medical intervention she needed and experienced dramatic and lasting improvement in her health. Retired since 2011, Ed has worked in the behavioral healthcare field as a counselor and administrator. He lives in McHenry with his wife Cherie. He added "trustee emeritus" to his resume in 2016, and has been an active ambassador for Conquer MG ever since.


We are ready to take your call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. Our staff is committed to being the best resource possible for patients and their families, recognizing and respecting the individual patient’s situation and needs.

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