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Conquer Myasthenia Gravis has abridged versions of its educational videos on YouTube.  Topics are listed below. Full versions of the DVDs are available for $15 each, plus shipping and handling. You can order by phone at 800.888.6208. Or Click here to download the mail-in order form.

  • MG 101, October 2015. Matthew Meriggioli, MD, explains how various antibodies cause myasthenia gravis. He explains how treatment may vary depending on the form of MG a person has.
  • Myasthenia Gravis and Nutrition, October 2014. Registered dietitian J. Koman explains ways for MG patients to cope with chewing and swallowing issues, sodium reduction and diarrhea.
  • Myasthenia Gravis and Exercise, October 2014. Physical therapist B. White offers exercise guidelines for myasthenia gravis patients.
  • Side Effects of Common Myasthenia Gravis Treatments, May 2014. Alexandru Barboi, M.D., describes side effects of prednisone when used to treat MG and steps physicians take to prevent and ease these conditions.
  • Stress Management and MG / Meditation as Medication, October 2013.  Deb Smith, M.Ed., LCPC, describes specific, easy to use ways to cope with stress in your life. Tim Fior, M.D., explains the benefits of meditation for MG patients and leads a simple meditation exercise.
  • MG – What You Need to Know, April 2013. Dr. Robert Pascuzzi discusses MG treatments, diagnostic tests, and the latest in MG research. He comments on not taking immune suppressants, dietary issues and more.
  • What’s New in Medical Research, October 2012.  Dr. Betty Soliven and Dr. Qin Li Jiang explain MG and its treatments, as well as current MG research projects.
  • Medical Management of MG / Thymectomy – Various Surgical Appoaches, October 2011.  Drs. Julie Rowin and Matthew Meriggioli discuss pathology and current medical treatments of MG.  Dr. Khaled Abdelhady discusses various surgical approaches to thymectomy.  Dr. Pier Giulianotti discusses new advances with robotic surgery.
  • MG Treatments: Conventional to Cutting Edge, April 2011. Dr. Michael Merchut discusses how MG affects the body and reviews the full range of MG treatments – from current to on-the-horizon. Dr. Bruce McLeod describes the science and procedure of plasmapheresis.
  • MG Across Generations, October 2010. A patient / physician panel talks about the unique challenges faced by MG patients of different ages as they meet life’s milestones – starting college, immersed in family and career, entering retirement. Advice and inspiration.
  • De-Mystifying Insurance, April 2010. Two speakers from Lifecare Innovations discuss practical issues and solutions to accessing care and maximizing coverage. Lessons include how to be your own advocate, how to negotiate with providers and insurers and how to manage health insurance claims.
  • What Else Can Go Wrong? Chronic Illness & Mental Health, October 2009.  Panelists Suzanne Yellen, PhD, therapist Susan O’Connell, M. Ed., and William Frerichs, MG patient, discuss the many impacts of illness on patients, caregivers, family and friends.
  • Living Strong – Clinical Research & Treatment, August 2009.  Drs. Julie Rowin and Matthew Meriggioli discuss current and future treatments for MG, side effects of treatment, the immune system, clinical trials and how new treatments are researched and tested.
  • Swallowing and Chewing Issues with MG, April, 2009. Jennifer Cross, a speech pathologist, discusses symptoms, tests, evaluations for MG patients and specific suggestions about chewing and swallowing. Ms. Cross is followed by Dr. Lee Akst, from the Loyola Swallowing Center, discussing bulbar symptoms, the differences in normal and MG patient voice and swallowing and possible outcomes.
  • Attacking MG—Redefining the Limits, September 2008. A young college athlete discusses how she redefines her own limits and maintains a positive outlook.
  • Experiencing Relaxation, May 2008. Scientific studies show that stress can worsen medical symptoms. Dr. Albina Tamalonis discusses the effects of stress and demonstrates several relaxation techniques.
  • Fatigue, Sleep and MG, October 2007. Dr. Wayne Rubinstein discusses the difference between fatigue and sleep and ways to manage the symptoms and effects. Sleep apnea and hypersomnia in MG patients is presented.
  • Ocular MG, April 2007. Dr. Thomas Mizen presents a layman’s explanation of the physiological causes of ocular MG, along with diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Myasthenia Gravis – What You Probably Don’t Know, October 2006. Dr. Robert Pascuzzi presents the history of the disease and the latest in research. He talks about depression, energy sappers and nutritional guidelines.

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